It is our belief that this technology can be rapidly deployed across all NOFN enabled GPs across the country. The rationale behind creating such an infrastructure is that with extended coverage of the village, certain essential G2C services could be rendered seamless to the end user at villages.

1. To carry on the business of providing solutions and services related to Internet technologies and WI-FI connectivity in Rural area and Semi-Urban Area in India to develop, maintain and facilitate network infrastructure.

2. Create a Wi-Fi Coverage zone in the village so as to cover all inhabited areas of the village using low-cost Wi-Fi equipment. The target end-user devices would be Smart phones and Tablets.

3. Address the most challenging issue for any rural technology is POWERING. Considered alternate modes of Powering (Solar) for the Wi-Fi and associated equipment given to the real-life situation of erratic to nil power situations in the Indian Villages

4. Test other value-added services using Wi-Fi as the medium for Communication

With CSC Intervention, the NOFN termination in a village could not only be extended for the general villagers but also to be extended over Wi-Fi to connect last mile Govt. agencies as customers, who really need connectivity viz. The 5P’s of a village”

  • Post Office
  • Police Station
  • Primary Health Centre
  • Panchayat Office and
  • Primary (Secondary) School