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Wi-Fi is the name of a popular wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high speed Internet and network connections to the wireless devices. Wi-Fi has no physical wired connection between sender and receiver devices, they are connected by using radio frequency technology. Wi-Fi provides wireless connectivity to devices by emitting frequencies between 2.4GHz - 5GHz, based on the amount of data on the network.
The cornerstone of any wireless network is access point (AP). The primary job of an access point is tobroadcast a wireless signal that wireless devices can detect and "tune" into.
Wireless hotspot Devices/Access Points: An access point creates a Wi-Fi network that allows an internet connection to wireless devices. For connecting Wi-Fi following steps are required:
a) Search the network name on your device.
b) Press connect button which will appear on the device.
c) Enter pin or password provided by the provider or it will redirect to any external web page which will show some fields, provide those information and get connected to the network.
An initiative taken by CSC e-Governance Services India Limited towards developing Rural Wi-Fi Network infrastructure & hoist suitable applications and provide a path in real time to translate different ICT services in an affordable and low-cost for enabling, empowering and transform Indian village towards "Smart Village".
To create a Wi-Fi coverage zone in the village, so as to cover all inhabited areas of the village using low cost Wi-Fi equipments.
Following are the tariff plans:
Plan Name Tariff Rate Data Day's Plan Name Tariff Rate Data Day's
CSCDS-10 RS 10 500 MB 10 CSCDS-100 RS 100 12 GB + Unlimited* 28
CSCDS-25 RS 25 2 GB 15 CSCDS-250 RS 250 25 GB + Unlimited* 28
CSCDS-50 RS 50 4.5 GB 28 CSCDS-500 RS 500 60 GB + Unlimited* 28
CSCDS-90 RS 90 8.5 GB 28 CSCDS-950 RS 950 125 GB + Unlimited* 28
Open browser on your device and type the link https://login.wifichoupal.in in the browser, you will be redirected to Login Page of Wi-Fi Choupal. Enter your credentials for login the page.
An optical network terminal (ONT) is used to terminate the fiber optic line, demultiplex (combining multiple unrelated analog or digital signal streams into one signal over a single shared medium) the signal into its component parts (Voice, Video, and Internet access), and provide power to customer device. As the ONT must derive its power from the customer premises electrical supply, many ONTs have the option for a battery backup, to maintain service in the event of a power outage.
VLE can contact CSC e-Governance Services India Limited or visit our official Website for more information and Customer/Subscribers can contact nearest CSC Center to avail the Wi-Fi Choupal Service or visit our official Website for more details.
Following are the services available under Wi-Fi Choupal:
a) Wi-Fi Village,
b) Internet at home &
c) Internet for Offices and Business.
BharatNet is provided by BBNL using Optical fiber cable and Non Bharat Net is provided by Other Telecom Operators.
VLE have to follow the following steps:
a) Enter https://oss.wifichoupal.in in URL of browser.
b) Now click on VLE login button appear on the page.
c) Enter your CSC ID and Password for Login
d) Fill the form, if you logged in first time on the portal and submit it.
e) After submitting contact State coordinator for Wi-Fi Choupal service activation or contact ISP Support as the number appear on Dialog box for activating your CSC ID for Wi-Fi Choupal.
No, to register on Wi-Fi Choupal VLE need to sign a agreement and deposit the franchisee fees.
Following are the steps:
a) Visit CSC Center of your Area.
b) Ask for Wi-Fi Choupal Coupons.
c) Registration of Customer at CSC end by following methods :
a. EKYC - By Aadhaar (Mobile no is mandatory for getting ID and Password).
b. Manual KYC - One ID proof is mandatory.
d) After obtaining credentials user have to enable Wi-Fi on his device and follow steps:
a. Tap on the link of the Wi-Fi Choupal, it will automatically redirect user to Wi-Fi Choupal login page or
b. Open browser and type login.wifichoupal.in and submit his credential for using internet. If, customer is unable to do so, then ask VLE for assistance or call to Wi-Fi customer service.
No, this service is not free.
Wi-Fi Choupal is providing the exciting plans in low and affordable price in rural areas.
Subscriber can change their password by login on https://oss.wifichoupal.in as member login.
If user session is expired, then user has to re-login using the same credentials provided.
It is around 120- 150 Meters.