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Wi-Fi Choupal is an initiative taken by CSC e-Governance Services India Limited towards developing Rural Wi-Fi Network infrastructure & hoist suitable applications and provide a path in real time to translate different ICT services in an affordable and low-cost for enabling, empowering and transform Indian village towards "Smart Village". CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd proposes to leverage an innovative solution by INTEGRATING it with BharatNet and Telecom Operator end-points at Gram Panchayats (GP) and EXTENDING it over a Wi-Fi Network covering all the inhabited areas of the village, so as to create a very powerful service delivery platform.
The project will improve the quality of life of rural citizens and usher in economic growth. The Wi-Fi Choupal of “Smart Village” are managed and operated by VLEs(Village Level Enterpreneures). Access to digital infrastructure will give a boost to education, skill development, healthcare and many other services rendered by CSC to the rural India through VLEs, with a motive to bring the villages under the threshold of social inclusion.Our initiative will enable citizen in rural areas to adopt digital platforms of various services with the aim of strengthening the Rural internet connectivity and making India a digital economy.