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In Rural areas of Maharashtra

In Rural area of District Gondia, there was poor internet connectivity so villager couldn’t access basic internet services. But after starting up of Wi-Fi Choupal services at CSC Center GP- Mundipar, Tah.Goregaon, District-Gondia, Mrs. Shradha Mukesh Dewhare, VLE, is able to provide WI-FI Choupal service to villagers who are now very happy using Wi-Fi at high speed with low cost data plans. They can now use internet at any time and does not even have to travel outside village to use Wi-Fi.

Mrs. Dewhare is earning good commission by selling coupons and educates people in her village and also provides them basic training on Wi-Fi. Students and citizens are able to access all required information on government schemes and services through Wi-Fi Choupal.

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