WI-FI Choupal service in haridwar district achieving milestones

Mr. Kapil, of Haridwar District is offering Wi-Fi Choupal Service in his Gram Panchayat Bahadrabad. He has made Wi-Fi Choupal a success story by making the service popular in his village. He is also learning technical skills to enhance the services of Wi-Fi Choupal. He has painted all streets of Bahadrabad with banners displaying promotional offers of Wi-Fi Choupal. He is also spreading awareness about popular promotional offers like WIFI DOSTI etc. Dear VLE’s we appreciate your participation and acknowledge your contribution towards the vision of Wi-Fi choupal.

Workshop organized in Karnataka for the VLEs

CSC Wi-Fi Choupal workshop was conducted in Shivmoga, Karnataka on 11th September’17 for the VLEs by CSC Team. Around 50 VLEs gathered for the event and gained the knowledge on Wi-Fi Choupal project. The team briefed about Wi-Fi Choupal service, tariff plans and the benefits of setting up of Wi-Fi in gram Panchayats. Workshop was useful in enlightening VLEs about commercial benefits attached with Wi-Fi Choupal as well as its impact on growth of their respective GPs.

WI-FI Choupal workshop held in jharkhand

A workshop for all the VLEs was conducted by CSC WI-FI CHOUPAL Team in Jharkhand. It was very informative for the VLEs as they were given technical training of basic Troubleshooting (ONTs, APs) They were also given training for coupon sale and customer registration which was very useful for them. Many VLEs were a part of this event.