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    CSC e Governance Services India Limited has taken up initiative of overall maintenance and upkeep of BharatNet infrastructure and related equipment’s to support the last mile internet service delivery which utilizes BharatNet infrastructure. The purpose of this initiative is to carry on the business of establishment, management and operation of National Optical Fibre Network BharatNet which has been envisaged by the Government of India to provide high speed broadband connectivity to all gram panchayats. Moreover it help in providing access to bandwidth in a non-discriminatory manner to all eligible service providers to enable them to provide services in rural areas.
    The project will provide seamless Internet to villages and allow the rural citizens to access various G2C and B2C services and further participate in nation building activities. All the state government agencies / departments in the villages will receive Internet connectivity, thereby improving their services to citizens. Through uninterrupted connectivity, the project will also aid access and adoption of digital financial systems among the citizens and merchants to meet the Government’s vision of a cashless society. With improved access to e-learning, skill development and healthcare, the villages will usher in equitable growth and development.


    The increasing demand for broadband due to streaming video, content sharing and social media applications is constantly increasing the requirement for higher data rates and better experience. GPON Technology has provides ultra-broadband access for home, offices and users using Fiber technology integration for ensuring excellent experience to the end Users.GPON system enables fast, reliable, secure and future proof multi services access network, suitable for high bandwidth applications.
    GPON brings fiber cabling and signals to the end user using a point-to-multipoint scheme that enables a single optical fiber to serve multiple users. The architecture uses passive (unpowered) optical splitters, reducing the cost of equipment compared to point-to-point architectures. The Connectivity is from Optical Line Terminal (OLT) which is placed at BSNL Telephone Exchanges (nearest Block) which is connected to Optical Network Terminal (ONT) at Block / Gram Panchayats with Optical Fiber.


    Keep your business constantly connected with Wi-Fi Choupal network. Employees can connect their smart phones, devices etc in the hotspot zone with Wi-Fi allowing them to work consistently without any interruptions and creating a better environment to work in.

    Wi-Fi services shall be extended to connect last mile govt. agencies, small enterprises, schools as customers, who really need connectivity viz. the 5P’s of a village –

    1. Post Office
    2. Police Station
    3. Panchayat Office
    4. Primary (Secondary) School
    5. Primary Health Centre

    Digital Seva Kendra shall extend the NOFN internet connectivity not only through Wi-Fi for all but also will engage with subscribers who have higher usage and exclusive usage in a village.

    1. Internet access to be extended at home.
    2. For subscribers who want to enjoy more than just Wi-Fi.
    3. Subscribers who are willing to pay extra for exclusive internet connection.
    4. One time hardware installation cost subscriber can enjoy above features.

    1. Create a Wi-Fi Coverage zone in the village so as to cover all inhabited areas of the village using low-cost Wi-Fi equipment.
    2. The target end-user devices would be Smartphones and Tablets.
    3. Address the most challenging issue for any rural technology is POWERING. Considered alternate modes of Powering (Solar) for the Wi-Fi and associated equipment given to the real-life situation of erratic to nil power situations in the Indian Villages.

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