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To realize the vision of Digital India, Wi-Fi Choupal is an ambitious initiative of CSC e-Governance services India Limited with the mission to transform India by providing seamless Internet connectivity in rural panchayats. Wi-Fi Choupal aims to connect 2.5 lakh Gram Panchayats in the country through highly scalable network infrastructure i.e. optical fibre cable.

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Deepshikha(VLE) – Haridwar – Bahadrabad – Shiv Nagar
P. Janaga Rajalakshmi – Puducherry – TN Padayam
Sonu – Uttarakhand – Chouli shabuddin
Vijay Singh – Haryana – Jadupur

Deepshikha(VLE) – Haridwar – Bahadrabad – Shiv Nagar

I am Deepshikha VLE, from gram panchayat Shiv Nagar , Block Bahadrabad, District Haridwar. Before setting up of CSC Wi-Fi Choupal in my village there was no connectivity of any other mobile company for internet access in our village. Because of which our village was lacking access to many internet related facilities. After Wi-Fi Choupal was activated in our village, villagers are getting benefits of many such services related to the internet and I as a VLE also earn good through CSC Wi-Fi Choupal. I am really grateful to Wi-Fi Choupal to provide all the smooth services and for making me independent woman. I have 280 subscribers and 3 FTTH connections in my village, which are increasing day by day.

P. Janaga Rajalakshmi – Puducherry – TN Padayam

WI-FI Choupal has more data usage because of ts low cost. There is no power interruption and the service is provide 24*7. There is high fidelity range and as compared to all other networks people would like to use WI-FI Choupal only.

Sonu – Uttarakhand – Chouli shabuddin

WI-FI CHOUPAL has reliable networks and it has become more convenient for all the users to access the internet facility. The technical team provides great support whenever any technical assistance is required.

Vijay Singh – Haryana – Jadupur

WI-FI CHOUPAL has always provided support and is easy to use. The profits are huge and users are satisfied with the services. It provides educational opportunities and growth to youngsters. The plans are cheap and have good usage in the panchayat.


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February 2, 2018 10:22 am
Applauding the contribution of Mr. Dhaneshwar Mahato , VLE of…
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10:21 am
Mr. Kapil, of Haridwar District is offering Wi-Fi Choupal Service…
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February 1, 2018 1:49 pm
CSC Wi-Fi Choupal workshop was conducted in Shivmoga, Karnataka on…
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January 6, 2018 6:16 am
A workshop for all the VLEs was conducted by CSC…
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